When to go? The Best time to visit Phuket

As most vacationers realize, choosing the best time to travel is often equally as important as selecting a destination. The best time to visit Phuket, Thailand, depends on a variety of factors, such as budget and personal preference. These aspects vary significantly from one traveler to the next.

Although Phuket is considered a four season vacation destination, certain months are better than others with regard to weather. For example, the "dry season" usually draws the highest number of tourists, although pleasant weather is always a possibility in this beautiful area of Thailand, regardless of the season.


Phuket is hot and humid throughout most of the year, and its warmest temperatures are usually experienced between late March and early May. November through February is regarded as the cold season by residents of the island, but this weather is typically considered perfect by those vacationing in the area. Sudden, drenching rains and short,violent thunderstorms are quite common during the winter season, which is December to early March, but they leave the surrounding area invigorating and fresh.

November–Peak Season Begins

Peak season in Phuket begins in November, but rainfall is still quite high this month. Those planning a Phuket vacation in November are wise to schedule their trip during the second half of the month. Cloudy skies are common the first two weeks of November, but there is a good chance of sunshine during the last half of the month. In the last week of November there is an increase in tourism as vacationers begin arriving, and the island's nightlife also begins to thrive during this time.

January–High Peak Season

January is Phuket's most popular month among tourists, as humidity is low, sunshine is abundant and there is hardly any rainfall. Seas are typically calm during this month, making it ideal for those planning to scuba dive or swim. Nightlife is in full swing in January, but roads to the town are busy and accommodation prices are at their highest. All shops, restaurants and bars are open and usually offer extended hours throughout the months of January and February.

April–High Season Ends

High season in Phuket commences in April, and accommodation prices typically drop slightly during this month. April is the hottest, most humid time of year on the island, and travelers should consider this prior to making reservations. However, many fun festivals are scheduled during this month, including the Songkran Water Festival, which is Thailand's official New Year's Celebration. The last week of April is often rainy, but one can count on strong sunshine throughout the rest of the month. Sun worshipers may enjoy Phuket in April, particularly if they plan to spend the majority of their vacation on the beach.

Those planning to travel to Phuket during peak season should make reservation far in advance to avoid being shut out. Regardless of when a person chooses to visit enchanting Phuket, he or she is guaranteed to enjoy a dream vacation that will never be forgotten.be forgotten.