Top Things To Do & Places To Visit in Phuket

Located in the South of Thailand, enchanting Phuket faces the Andaman Sea's mesmerizing shoreline. It is home to some of the world's most outstanding beaches and tourist attractions. Phuket has a long and interesting history as well, which dates back several centuries. Those planning to visit this romantic and intriguing area of the world can anticipate an unforgettable experience.

Island of the Crystal Mountain

The name Phuket means “the crystal mountain.” This does not come as a surprise to those who have seen the reflection of the sun on one of the island's many high mountains. Sunshine is abundant in Phuket, making the mountainous ranges an impressive sight year-round.

Top Attractions and Activities

Surfing is one of the island's most popular pastimes, particularly on the western beaches of Phuket. In addition, both professional and novice divers will enjoy the impressive Andaman Sea cliffs, where they can indulge in a day of world class diving. Snorkeling and scuba diving should not be overlooked either, as Phuket offers an exceptional experience for those interested in such activities. The island is also home to several championship golf courses and enthusiasts of the sport will not be disappointed with the numerous, well-maintained courses found in the area.


Active travelers who enjoy a stimulating nightlife will find Phuket the perfect backdrop for an evening of cocktails and dancing. Visitors have their choice of a broad range of bars, restaurants, discos and nightclubs, all of which are found close to the celebrated Patong Beach. This area of Phuket is a favorite among singles and young adults seeking a social atmosphere in which to party and meet others. In addition, most cocktail lounges and dance clubs will remain open for business as long as patrons continue to arrive.

An Enchanting Cruise of the Phang Nga Bay

Many individuals choose Phuket as their vacation destination because of its exotic and intriguing history. Such travelers find that one of the most enjoyable activities in Phuket is a mystical and breathtaking cruise of the Phang Nga Bay. The Bay is a well-known landmark with a long and interesting history that is expounded upon by experienced guides throughout the excursion. A cruise of the Bay is an ideal pastime for tourists of all ages and is an especially good choice for those with children.

Eco-Friendly Adventures

Environmentally conscious travelers will discover that several different types of Eco-friendly adventures are available in Phuket's many tropical forests. Tours of this type include a variety of activities, depending on the one selected. A guided hike through area forests, where exotic plants and animals can be seen in their natural habitats is a highly popular choice among nature enthusiasts.

Because of its beautiful landscape, diversified activities and pleasant climate, it is easy to see why Phuket remains a popular favorite among travelers from around the world. Whether one is searching for excitement, rest and relaxation or simply wishes to indulge in an exotic getaway, he or she is sure to have the experience of a lifetime in enchanting Phuket.