Shopping in Phuket

If you are interested in experiencing Thai shopping in Phuket, then this is the town for you. From local handcrafted items to famous silks and from clothing boutiques to Celadon ceramic stores, Phuket has everything to satisfy your shopping cravings. Whether you are looking for budget shopping or something special for your loved ones, Phuket has a variety of shopping areas for you to explore.

Start your shopping day at the Old Phuket Town and go exploring its shopping hubs in Thalang and Dibuk roads. Later, you can explore the streets of Rassada, Yaowarat, and Phang Nga shopping areas before continuing your shopping journey to the town’s outskirts. Even if you just have a day to spend for shopping, you will not be disappointed with Phuket’s diverse shopping options for all serious shoppers with all kinds of budgets.

Budget shoppers looking for some bargain shopping experience can start their shopping at Kata and Patong. Each of these streets is lined with chains of stores offering sarongs, t-shirts, and imitation brand name bags, cheap crafts, and inexpensive shoes. Tourists are often seen exploring these streets where prices are comparatively cheaper. Start bargaining and you will be surprised.

The town is also home to some fixed price stores, what locals also call Mega Store. Both Big C and Lotus/Tesco are two major mega stores in this town. Each of the supercenters offer a variety of goods, including fabrics, toys, crafts, and even condiments, but at a fixed price. Spend a few hours exploring these stores and buy some quality goods for you and your family. These superstores also have food courts, so shoppers can enjoy some quick bites in between their shopping expedition.

Upscale shopping in Phuket is quite popular too. If that’s what you are looking for, then stop by the town’s renowned Festival Shopping Centre, which offers a variety of branded stores and fashion boutiques. The Premium Outlet Phuket also offers a range of branded clothing and shoe stores, especially for all brand conscious shoppers. Couples looking for some stylish wedding outfits and jewelries can visit the Town Square at the Royal Phuket Marina close to the Ko Kaeo province. This shopping center features exclusive bridal-wear stalls, such as the Daughter of Eve Boutique that provides a chic setting for wedding shoppers to find trendy clothing and gifts for brides. In addition, there are some modern galleries and stores in this shopping center.

Phuket is also known for its ceramic goods, bronze artwork, and Thai silk. Many boutiques and departmental stores in the town offer beautiful bronze idols of Hindu gods, elephant, and even brass dishes. There are many luxury Asian art shops in Phuket, which offer finest ceramic goods, silk items, antiques, vintage artifacts, and Thai fine arts and collectibles.

Shopping in Phuket cannot be complete without a visit to its weekend market or the Naka Market. This boisterous, yet colorful marketplace located along Chao Fa West Road offers everything from unique Thai handicrafts, lip-smacking finger foods, live animals, and even secondhand goods. If you are not keen to shop from here, just spend a few hours in exploring the fascinating setting of this unique weekend market and you will love the convivial atmosphere for sure.