Rawai Beach

Rawai Beach is a great location for travelers who are looking to experience an island vacation on a budget. Its claim to fame is its history as the first true tourist destination in Phuket. Rawai beach itself doesn't contain the traditional tourist locations offered by other towns in Phuket. This makes it a great town for affordable lodging. Options range from an affordable resort to small hotels and sea cottages. Rawai Beach is the location for travelers looking to experience the culture of Thailand. It is primarily a fishing village, with its beaches known more for launching fishing boats than lounging in the sun. With that being said, this town is the place to be to experience some of the best fishing in the pacific. Charter a fishing expedition with experienced local fisherman who known all the best locations. Get a feel for the local atmosphere by exploring the city's street markets. Here you will find all of the typical things found at a local market, including a wide variety of local fish caught fresh daily. Spend some time talking to the local fisherman to get gain a rich understanding of Thai culture. Learn how they live a life in complete harmony with nature and support their livelihood by purchasing some fresh fish. Many of the area's restaurants feature dishes made with local seafood. They offer diners the option to pick out their fish, which guarantees maximum freshness in every dish. Dive deeper into Thai cuisine by sampling one of the local favorites from the food carts in the market. You won't find any high-end fashion shopping in Rawai Beach, but that doesn't mean there's no shopping. Local shops pepper the streets with anything from traditional Thai textiles, to ceramic pottery made by local artisans. Rawai Beach is one of the most affordable island destinations for an exquisite island vacation.