Phuket Town

Phuket town is one of Asia’s premiere beach holiday destinations. This town and its environs receive over 5 million travelers annually. So, what is it that attracts tourists from all over the world to this town?

Phuket town has many places you can enjoy as an individual or as a group. The town is like a tourist haven because the island provides information that helps explain the Thai culture comprehensively. You can visit various places while in Phuket town, but your vacation won’t be complete without a visit to old Phuket town.

Old Phuket Town gives you a peek into the history that makes the new town such a beauty. The town displays various architectural masterpieces that date back to the old times. These masterpieces have been preserved for you to marvel about as you learn how Phuket town came about.

Don’t think of the town as devoid of buildings and life, because it is active throughout the day. With different shrines, cafes, shop houses, museums and printing shops, you won’t lack what to do when you visit this town.

A visit to the old Phuket Town early in the morning will give you a glimpse of monks strolling about taking alms from residents of the town. At noon, the town is awash with shoppers and tourists looking for a bargain from the various shops and stalls. At night, the city becomes alive with all the extravagant nightlife that it has.

One place that will give you a peek into the rich cultural history of this region is the Phuket Cultural Center. This museum displays an array of items that will show you the different lifestyles of the people of Phuket long ago. Some of the lifestyle you will get from the old Phuket town will explain the current way of life.

When it comes to architectural preferences, you will see a link between the miniature houses in the museum and the current architecture in the new town. Miniature houses will show you the various architectural plans and the way they evolved over the years. You also have a chance to understand the beliefs, cultures, and languages of the early settlers of Phuket Town. At the end of the day, a tour of this town shows you how the island and the new town became the beauty you now enjoy.

Making a Decision to Travel to Phuket Town

Deciding to travel to Phuket town shouldn't be a big issue because it isn't hard to plan a trip to this island. Flights to Phuket Town are always available and Phuket hotels are always ready to give you a place to stay. The Phuket international airport is 30 km north of Phuket Town, just 30 minutes by taxi. Once you get to the town, getting around town is easy and quick. You can use the organized public transport that includes buses and motorcycle taxis. You can also opt to rent a car for the duration of your stay.