Phuket hotels with sea view rooms

Phuket hotels with sea view rooms are growing in popularity with travelers. There is something magical and relaxing about an ocean view. It's a calming way to begin a morning and a relaxing way to end the night. You can sit on your balcony or Sala and watch the sunrise or sunset and feel like you're escaping the world. That's why hotels with ocean views are so popular. Here are some examples of hotels with the best ocean views. 1. Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort Hyatt Regency has stunning ocean views from their 64-square-metre guestrooms. These rooms also feature king beds and balconies with private pools to make the experience even more memorable. Some of the rooms feature Jacuzzis or daybeds overlooking the Adaman Sea. These rooms also feature modern amenities in addition to the impressive views. A separate tub and shower can be found in the spacious bathroom, and the room features a 40-inch flat screen television if the view isn't enough to keep you occupied. The hotel is impressive and is one of the best places to ocean-watch. 2. Point Yamu Resort by Como Point Yamu Resort by Como is one of the best resorts for viewing the ocean. If you want to view the impressive views and stay in a luxury resort, this is one of the best. It was awarded a Traveller's Choice Award in 2015. So, they must be doing something right. When you visit Point Yamu Resort by Como, you can expect to find an impressive line-up of amenities. The decor is all modern art deco. So, it has an inviting atmosphere. The rooms feature private pools and terraces to ensure that you enjoy the view unobstructed. When you're peering out over the ocean from your pool, you'll reap your return on investment from this hotel. If you want relaxation and tranquility, Point Yamu restaurant is the place to be. 3. Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa has some spectacular views to match their gorgeous interior design. It's modern and tres chic. Most people who come to this hotel admire the architecture and the upscale amenities in addition to the ocean views. Last year, the hotel was awarded the Traveller's Choice Award for excellence. The award is verification that many people would think that this is one of the best hotels in Phuket. The view is just one reason why people keep coming repeatedly. Find Your Favorite Ocean View Phuket has some breathtaking views. Every guest has to find their favorite vantage point. Whether it's from a hilltop or whether it's at sea level, every guest is bound to find a view that they love. Many guests love the ocean views from the infinity pools in their private villas the best. Make your reservation in luxury and in paradise.