Patong Beach's Best Beaches

A local word for “banana leaf forest,” Phuket's Patong Beach is the Island's most popular spot for sun worshippers and water-sports enthusiasts alike. As Phuket's largest tourist area, the beautiful beach is within walking distance from the town of the same name. Here, visitors will find a wide variety of accommodation options, restaurants, bars and shops. Patong is also home to the traditional, thriving nightlife for which Thailand is famous. The beach is a spectacular six mile stretch of fine, golden sand, with a long headland at each end. The shoreline slopes gently into the sea, which makes it perfect for swimming. There is a road running the full length of the beach, where almost all hotels and guest houses are located. Additional beaches connected to Patong include the following: Kalim Beach Kalim Beach is essentially an extension of Patong and is only separated from the latter by a moderate size rocky headland. It is not as well suited to swimming and sunbathing as the main Beach, as it features tiny pebbles, rather than fine sand. The length of its seabed is also rocky, but it is a particularly fun place to go snorkeling, as it is home to coral formations and a diversified Marine life. The beach also boasts several nice restaurants with terrific views. Tri Trang Beach Tri Trang Beach is located at the south end of Patong Beach and features fine, bright white sand. However, in contrast to the shore, the seabed is somewhat rocky, so sunbathers who decide to wade into the water should consider investing in aqua shoes. Tri Trang is a great choice for visitors who want to spend some time away from the hustle-and-bustle of Patong, but do not wish to wander very far from the main beach. The Merlin Beach Resort takes up a substantial area of Tri Trang and much of the oceanfront is owned by this resort. However, the resort's proprietor does not attempt to block beach access for those who are not staying at The Merlin. Jet skiing and kayaking are also popular activities at Tri Trang Beach. Paradise Beach Paradise Beach is considered one of Patong's hidden treasures. It is located at the very tip of Patong's South end and is surrounded by small, tree-lined bay that is somewhat sheltered from the elements. Its unusual topography includes fine, white sand in the middle region of the beach, with small, rocky headlands at either end. A coral reef is located very close to the shoreline, where plenty of colorful fish can be seen. However, at low tide it is not practical to attempt to swim, but at high tide the beach is perfect for swimming and other water sports. Snorkeling is also very popular at Paradise Beach during low tide. Many visitors consider Patong's coastline the top choice among all Phuket's beaches, as it offers so many options within one beach area. It is almost certain that those who decide to spend their vacation in Patong will not regret their decision.