Pamper Yourself: Phuket Hotels With Private Butler Services

If you've never visited a Phuket hotel with private butler services, you're in for a treat. They pamper you and ensure that you never have to lift a finger to do anything. Butlers will do everything from cooking a dinner to drawing a bath. Some will even shop for you depending on the exclusivity of the hotel. It's truly an experience to have a private butler on call to do whatever you'd like them to do for you. Here are some resorts where you can expect to find private butler services.

1. Aleenta Resort and Spa

If you're searching for ultimate pampering and upscale service, you should visit the Aleenta Resort and Spa. This spa is nestled along a white sandy beach, but it offers its guests ultimate privacy. It's one of the best tropical hideaways available. Whether you're staying in your private villa all day to sunbathe in privacy or you go out into the resort, you can call the private butler to help you.

When you're not calling upon the private butler, you can take a cooking class or a yoga class. You can also sail away in the Phang Nga Bay. An aromatherapy massage can also help you to relax and feel pampered. Many of these massages are followed by a five-course dinner beneath the stars with champagne aperitif. It is an ideal way to end a relaxing day.

2. Impiana Private Villas Phuket

The Impiana Private Villas are luxurious and exclusive. They are surrounded by natural beauty and feature stunning views of the Andaman Sea. The boutique villa resort has 24-hour personal butler service and its own private pool area. The resort wants to ensure that each guest will have all their needs attended to during their stay. Whether you need your bath drawn or dinner brought to you, your butler can help. It is not uncommon that guests can be found sailing on a luxury yacht or found relaxing on a private deck. That's why guests return to the Impiana Private Villas over and over again.

3. Banyan Tree Phuket

Banyan Tree Phuket features 24-hour butler service and chef services in the villa. There are 24 two-bedroom villas that also have private infinity pools that are situated along the lagoon. The rooms feature his-and-hers dressing areas and also a sunken bath. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow the natural light to emanate all over the room.

If you decide not to take advantage of the butler services, you can visit any of the restaurants located on premises. They serve fresh fish to ensure that their guests are pleased with the quality of food they offer. The hotel goes above and beyond the call of duty to meet the needs of their guests.

Pamper Yourself With Private Butler Services

Check into a hotel with private butler services, and you'll not regret the experience. They pamper you and make you feel like a true king or queen. While the service is expensive, it's worth the expense if you're truly in need of an escape from worldly stresses.