Nai Yang

Nai Yang is one of Phuket's lesser known vacation locations. Located only 5 minutes south from the airport, you won't find the crowded resorts of Phuket's main tourist locations. Even during the town's busiest months, December and January, Nai Yang is relatively low-key. This laid-back beach town is a popular getaway for Thai locals. This makes it a great place to mingle among the locals to immerse yourself in Thai culture. A five minute conversation with a friendly local can lead you to untapped attractions glossed over in the average travel guide. This beach is also popular among water sport enthusiasts, as it is home to some of Phuket's best conditions for surfing and kiteboarding. Rentals and instruction can be acquired right on the beach. Nai Yang beach is part of Sirinat National Park, which encapsulates 90 square miles of Phuket's natural ecology. The park is known for its pristine beaches where sea turtles can be found laying their eggs from November to February. This draws many animal enthusiasts to Nai Yang each year. Sirinat National Park contains dozens of different species of flora, fauna, and animal life. Perhaps the most beautiful destination the park has to offer is the coral reef. Take a guided tour to these beautiful reefs that sit tucked away from modernization under 1 mile from shore. After you are done exploring Nai Yang enjoy a fine meal at one of the town's beach bars or seafood restaurants. Each place offers a unique take on Thai cuisine that truly tantalizes the taste buds. Great meals are also a fraction of the price in Nai Yang since it is not a hub of tourist activity. Nai Yang is not the vacation destination for you if you seek wild nightlife; however, it is one of the best choices Phuket has to offer for experiencing the pinnacle of island relaxation.