Most Romantic Karon Beach hotels for couples and honeymoons

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island, at 48km long by 21km wide. It is located on the southern side of Thailand and faces the breath-taking Andaman Sea. Phuket is world renowned for its spectacular and peaceful beaches with Karon Beach being one of the most beautiful.

If you are seeking a couples’ getaway or even trying to plan your post-wedding Honeymoon, Karon Beach, Phuket is the perfect answer. Some of the most romantic hotels in the world can be found on Karon Beach and luckily we’ve gathered a list of them below.

Here are the 10 most romantic hotels that Karon Beach has to offer:

1. Mandarava Resort and Spa (
* This is a top tier hotel complete with easy to access pool. Very popular among couples as a relaxing and refreshing retreat. Expect red carpet treatment.

2. Sugar Marina Phuket Resort (
* Very popular up-scale resort and considered top tier. Has an impressive bar and lounge area for couples to socialize.

3. Pacific Club Resort (
* Considered one of the trendy choices on Karon Beach, this hotel has a cozy feel with its own chic, unique character.

4. Beyond Resort Karon (
* Many five star reviews by repeat customers. Considered a very popular choice for romantic visitors who want a peaceful and classy stay. Has its own popular restaurant right inside the resort.

5. Eastin Yama Hotel Phuket (
* A top romantic destination in Phuket complete with its own private pool. Great reviews on staff service.

6. Manohra Cozy Resort (
* High end hotel with its own private pool. Located in a secure, quiet, and secluded area away from the hustle and bustle of the more party oriented beaches.

7. Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort (
* Very nice luxury hotel with its own spa. This hotel is a very good choice for couples looking to enjoy and exciting nightlife and bask in the local culture.

8. On the Hill Karon Resort (
* A very upscale romantic getaway that also provides some business services to keep in touch with the real world while you are away. Easy transportation to the airport along with spectacular views and a knowledgeable and friendly staff make for a great experience.

9. Simplitel Hotel (
* Affordable choice for a couples’ getaway that has its own fitness center. Considered one of the higher quality mid-range hotels in the area.

10. Karon Sea Sands Resort & Spa (
* A top choice getaway for romantics, this hotel features a stat of the art spa. Reasonable pricing and friendly service are top draws for visitors.