Karon Beach's Best Beaches

Anyone visiting Phuket, Thailand, is likely in search of the ideal exotic, tropical vacation. Those looking for such a getaway will find that Phuket's beaches are some of the world's most beautiful vacation destinations, and the climate is perfect for travelers who enjoy the outdoors. Karon Beach, although not as well-known as other beaches such as Patong, has much to offer visitors of all ages and from all walks of life. It is situated a mere 3 ½ miles south of Patong and can be easily reached on foot from many of the area's resorts.

Beach Atmosphere

Although busy throughout peak season, Karon Beach features a more relaxed atmosphere than Patong Beach, and its central location is perfect for those who wish to explore the island of Phuket.

The beach also boasts some distinct areas, each with their own individual characteristics. The northern end of Karon Beach is much quieter than its main section, and is usually not as crowded as the southern end of the beach. Therefore, those searching for solitude, rest and relaxation should look for a spot on Karon's far North end.

The southern end of Karon Beach features an impressive coral reef that stretches from Karon to Kata Beach and on to Pu Island. Many different water activities are available throughout the peak season at the Beach's southern end, such as banana boat rides, parasailing, jet skiing and snorkeling. Umbrellas, sunbeds and snorkel equipment can be rented at many locations on Karon's southern end.

Swimming and Other Activities

The water is calm and crystal clear from November to April, which makes Karon Beach great for swimming during these months. However, from May to October monsoons often whip up without much warning, so those traveling to Phuket during these months must swim with caution. If a red flag has been raised on the beach, this means it is not safe to go into the water. However, there is a variety of activities in which visitors can indulge when swimming is not an option. For example, many resorts in the area offer spa services and guided tours of the island's inland are also offered year-round.

In addition, the Karon Bazaar is a shopper's dream. The bazaar is a large, old fashion market that offers a broad range of shopping opportunities all in one place. It is wise to shop in the evening, however, as the market can be extremely hot when the sun is blazing.

Night Life

Night life around Karon is somewhat similar to that found at Patong Beach, although the atmosphere is not quite as boisterous. Karon has its own range of bars, most of which are located at Karon Circle or just off Patak Road. There is also a vast array of Thai restaurants in the area from which to choose. Most eateries are located at the southern end of the beach.

Regardless of one's specific vacation goals, most travelers who visit Karon Beach are pleasantly surprised with what they find. Anyone planning a visit to Phuket should consider spending time on this lovely and unspoiled beach.