Kamala Beach's Best Beaches

With so many beaches to choose from in Kamala, it’s difficult to choose the very best beaches. Here are the top five that come highly rated, not necessarily in any order. You can’t go wrong with any of these five beaches.

Kamala Beach
It’s an absolutely lovely beach that is kept clean for tourists. The white sand with the crystal blue water makes this one of the best beaches in the area. It’s a very relaxing beach with ample parking. There are also luxury resorts with excellent restaurants and cafes near the beach for your convenience. You’ll find more locals at this beach too.

Patong Beach
Patong Beach has a very lively atmosphere for those who enjoy a more crowded beach and who like to people watch. It’s not only loud, but the nightlife can be a little on the wild side. Rent a couple of chairs under an umbrella and sit back and watch. There are plenty of restaurants and shops, mostly geared toward tourists. You’ll be able to find unique souvenirs and gifts to take back home for your memorable vacation.

Laem Singh
Laem Singh is a smaller, slightly more secluded beach with parking above the beach area. There are steps leading down to the beach with its slightly tanned colored sand and clear turquoise water. If the weather is nice, it can get a little crowded, but it’s a great place to Jet Ski and there are plenty of beach vendors and umbrellas for your use. A party is held once a month with a DJ for your entertainment.

Layan Beach
This beach is more remote and off the beaten path, so tourists come here to relax and soak up the sun with a peaceful atmosphere. There are luxurious resorts nearby for you to stay, as well as fine restaurants and bars. You’ll also be able to have a massage to relax you even more than lying on the beach, listening to the gentle waves.

Freedom Beach
This is considered an isolated gem with astonishing soft white sand. You can only reach the beach via a longtail boat during high season, which is usually between December and June. The floating pontoon will take you on a scenic trip, to drop you off in shallow water to make your way up to the beach. The water is warm and inviting. There are umbrellas for you to rent and a very good restaurant where you can purchase food, drinks, or snacks.