Kamala Beach

Kamala Beach is one of Phuket's best kept secrets. It is situated just north of Patong Beach and just south of Surin Beach. Kamala is a nice destination for relaxation away from the wild vibrancy of Patong beach's nightlife. It is a popular choice among families and couples looking to relax on an island paradise.

Kamala Beach sits on the bay, which offer's some of Phuket's best fishing. Charter a fishing trip and enjoy the day catching your own dinner while absorbing panoramic ocean views. The bay also offers some excellent snorkeling locations where visitors are amazed by the vibrant colors of the island's marine life. It also offers a quieter beach experience than its sister to the north. There is plenty of secluded beach space to enjoy a romantic evening with your significant other.

One of the best places to experience authentic Thai cuisine is Silk restaurant. Go to this restaurant to dine among beautiful palm trees and breathtaking views of the island. All Thai dishes are sourced locally and provide visitors with the true flavor of Phuket. Options also include 2 pages of western dining options.

The biggest tourist attraction in Kamala Beach is the Phuket Phantasea. This is an interactive show that features hundreds of trapeze artists, contortionists, acrobats, and other performers. Walk among the area's shops and browse for island gifts as you watch acrobats soar through the air and performers dance on the back of elephants. You and your family will be in awe as you experience the different exhibits and shops selling Thai trinkets and art unique to Phuket. Be sure to check out Phantasea's extensive buffet that highlights the wide spectrum of Asian cuisine.

Kamala Beach is a great travel destination off the traditional tourist's beaten path. Enjoy a relaxing vacation with your spouse or your kids and find out why Phuket is such a hot tourist destination.