Cheap hotels in Karon Beach for budget travellers

A room at a luxury resort in an island paradise like Phuket can easily run over $200 a night. Pair this with flight costs and your trip is already costing over $1000. Don't let hotel costs keep you from booking your trip to Thailand, as there are plenty of budget lodging options scattered throughout Karon Beach. Check out these cheap hotels for budget travelers.

1. Noi Karon Hostel

If you don't mind a fan to keep cool instead of air conditioning, a room at the Noi Karon hostel can be had for $10 a night. An air-conditioned room averages $30 a night, which is still a lot cheaper than a luxury resort.

This hostel has free Wifi in the public areas and offers lockers and safety deposit boxes to keep your valuables safe. The Noi Karon hostel is just a short walk from the beach and dozens of bars and restaurants, which make it a great choice for those looking to experience all that Karon Beach has to offer.

2. Welcome Inn

The Welcome Inn gives you the privacy of a traditional hotel room at the price of a hostel. Rooms range from $20 a night for 2 people to $40 a night for a room to fit a family of 4. It is just a 10 minute walk from the parking lot to the tide line, which make it a favorite among beach loving vacationers.

This hotel offers 24 hour transportation to Phuket airport to make their customer's travel experience hassle-free. It also offers car parking, safety deposit boxes, and a smoking area.

3. 2gether Hotel

The standard room at this hotel costs guests between $30-$40 and gives each guest their own room complete with private bathroom and shower. Each room and public area is equipped with free Wifi. This hotel is a great choice for the amount of amenities it offers. There is a bar, coffee shop, library, laundry service, restaurant, and babysitting service right on site. The facilities also include a nice outdoor playground to keep your kids occupied.

4. The Phulin Resort

If you are looking for the resort experience but don't want to break the bank, look no further than the Phulin Resort. This stunning resort, located just over a mile from the beach, offers rooms between $60-$90 dollars a night. This is over 50% cheaper than the average room at a Karon Beach resort.

This resort includes all of the amenities you would expect. Lounge in the sun at the beautiful and spacious pool, or take a load off at the luxurious spa on site. The premises also contains a coffee shop, bar, and restaurant. Some guests spend a majority of the trip enjoying what this hidden treasure has to offer.

Whether you're looking to stay in a hostel or prefer the privacy of a traditional hotel room, Karon beach has a lodging option that fits your budget. Don't let price hold you back from experiencing the beauty that makes Phuket a top travel destination.