Bangtao Beach

Bangtao Beach, which is known locally as simply Bang Tao or Laguna Beach, is a beach situated on Phuket's northwestern side. It is situated approximately 25 minutes from Phuket International Airport and visitors can arrange for transportation to Bangtao. The beach is one of the largest in Phuket, stretching for four miles along a beautiful wide open bay. Although many luxurious resorts are situated along Bangtao Beach, the northern section of the beach is still undeveloped. Therefore, visitors can still enjoy having a quiet and isolated portion of the beach. The swimming on Bangtao Beach is considered excellent, and a smaller bay at the north end is nearly completely enclosed. The mouth of this bay also includes some fine coral for some fantastic snorkeling opportunities.

Bangtao Beach is home to Laguna Phuket, a massive resort complex with a golf course that takes up a huge portion of Bangtao Beach's middle section. Laguna Phuket is composed of Angsana Laguna Phuket (, Banyan Tree Phuket (, Dusit Thani Lagua (, Laguna Holiday Club ( and Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach (, some of which are open to outside visitors. In addition to this resort complex, there are accommodations available along Bangtao Beach at the southern end of the bay. When staying in Laguna, it is easy to get around the complex via free shuttle buses and ferry service that travels around the lagoon.

Most of the dining and shopping opportunities at Bangtao Beach are located at Laguna Phuket. The Canal Village shopping area within Laguna features over 40 shops ranging from elegant Jim Thompson silks to jewelry, antiques and handicrafts. Laguna has many relatively expensive restaurants for visitors to enjoy, while some cheaper restaurants are located on the beach itself. Some of the local restaurants include the Riverside Restaurant, Pooh and Friends, Bliss Beach Club and the Reggae Restaurant. Although there are not many nightlife opportunities in Bangtao Beach, visitors can take a 20 minute taxi ride to Patong to enjoy their extensive nightlife scene.